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Everyone knows that newly-purchased furniture can really make a room stand out, whether it’s chairs in your living room or the cabinets in your kitchen. But the more these furniture are used the more they wear out and that is why at Rustic Restoration, we help revitalise old furniture and bring back that new look Our services include replacement of damaged fabrics, panels, and leather replacement for furnishings in the Liberal area. If you’d like to make an enquiry, please get in touch on 4174892398.

Our Repair Services

We offer both commercial and residential upholstery repair. We work on any material including fabric, leather or vinyl. Should you need stain removal or just general cleaning, or protection, we will be there to help your furniture look the very best from any angle. We care and repair your furnishings and ensure they get the treatment required. We also provide a host of other services that will keep your furnishings looking elegant, including removing burn marks, repairing wood surfaces, and polishing.

Quality Reviews for our Furnishing Services

We don’t have an elaborate marketing campaign ready to dazzle you for one reason and one reason only – we prefer to let our superlative work speak for us. Many of our customers have been lovely enough to speak about the top-notch services we provide, and that kind of credibility can’t be bought, it has to be earned. By keeping an effective channel of communication open between our professionals and our customers, we are quick to improve in the areas where we need to and to continue to raise the bar in the areas we already excel in.


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Absolutely wonderful job on my vanity! Responds quickly and has a wonderful knowledge of restoration! Beautiful work and great attitude and quality! Asks about little details to make sure the...
Esther Fleener

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